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South Tyrol

South Tyrol – region of trilangual bliss

South Tyrol (or Alto Adige in Italian) stands as Italy’s northernmost province, a captivating blend where Alpine landscapes meet Mediterranean flair. Bolzano, its capital, bridges cultures, with its Austrian past and Italian present echoing in its architecture, food and festivals. Amidst vineyard-clad valleys, Merano offers thermal baths, while Bressanone impresses with its medieval charm. The majestic Dolomites dominate the skyline, drawing trekkers and skiers alike. But it’s not just about sights; it’s a sensorial journey. One day you’re biting into knödel, the next, savouring a plate of tagliatelle. Factor in the region’s trilingual prowess – German, Italian and Ladin – and you find South Tyrol isn’t just a place; it’s an experience.

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