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The quintessential guide to the Mediterannean

“What are the must-visits in the Mediterranean?”

For over 30 years, we have had a single recurring question from family, friends and clients – “What are the must-visits while in [fill in the blank]?”

Our own scouring of the world’s most beautiful design destinations – that truly personal inn with a warm welcome, that stunning eatery on the outskirts of town or that innovative concept store way ahead of the curve – started as a keen interest. We’d scribble down the addresses of the places we came across in a well-thumbed black Moleskine notebook. As our parents and siblings were out visiting the regular tourist traps while on vacation, we would thoroughly work our way through the addresses in the notebook one by one.

When the internet became a thing, we would gather our most beloved findings in extensive online maps, which we would share with other design enthusiasts that knew to ask for them. Later, that same hobby, which by this time had turned into quite an obsession, transformed into a full-time career. 


“Travelling the world for work, and getting the opportunity to write about our experiences in estimated magazines such as Wallpaper*, Condé Nast Traveller, Drift, Dwell, Frame and Surface, turned into a way of life we didn’t know was even possible.”

Though not our native soil, the Mediterranean has captured our hearts and profoundly shaped our journey. It’s here we’ve spent cherished summers studying, relaxing and delving into the vibrant culture. This rich, sun-kissed region has become a cherished landscape, its architectural beauty, gastronomic brilliance and tenacious spirit influencing our narrative. It’s this profound connection that’s behind our carefully curated collection of the best the Mediterranean has to offer, a testament to a region that’s captured our imagination and enriched our lives. Our hope is to inspire you to explore, appreciate and fall in love with these same sun-soaked Mediterranean landscapes as we have.

Who are we?

We are Magnus and Micha, partners in life and business. 

Magnus – devil’s advocate and doer extraordinaire – is a copywriter, and Micha – visionary and eternal enthusiast – is a creative director.

We are based in Hunnestad, a short distance from the southern Swedish city of Ystad. A converted 1842 farmstead creates a setting for homelife and work. It is a place where creativity is generated and nurtured. It is also a place where we can enjoy a simplified and slower existence surrounded by nature.

Together, we run van Dinther Wittbjer, a communication, design and content studio that specialises in helping niche design and lifestyle brands stand out. We regularly contribute to various design, lifestyle and travel magazines across the globe.

In 2016, we founded TypeO, an online design destination for curated goods for the home. In the summer of 2020, we introduced TypeO Loft, our one-room slow living bed & breakfast, which is our way to invite you into our world here in the south of Sweden.

If you’re captivated by the cool vibes of Scandinavia and the Nordics, don’t miss our sister site, The Nordic Nomad, which delves deep into the heart of Nordic wonders and beyond.

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What makes The Mediterranean Insider run?

In a world where many things are concealed and embellished, we believe in transparency and the power it has in creating trust between ourselves and our followers. That is why we choose to be open with you about the tools and strategies we hope can help The Mediterranean Insider to continue to grow – one post at a time.

Affiliate marketing and affiliate links. Most people don’t realise that a vast majority of the Internet is powered by affiliate marketing. It’s just not talked about. Although all destinations we write about are hand-picked by us, and we only recommend places we truly love, we want to be upfront with the fact that we rely on affiliate links to power The Mediterranean Insider. To keep on creating great content week after week takes time, and we feel that affiliate marketing allows us to be both ethical and sustainable. In effect, affiliate marketing means that we earn a commission on bookings and purchases made from clicking on a majority (but not all) of the links found in the articles on The Mediterranean Insider. Don’t worry – there’s no extra cost for you. So if you like what you read in The Mediterranean Insider, please consider making your bookings or purchases through our links – that way we can keep bringing you fresh stories from the Mediterranean.

Advertisements. We depend on revenue from advertisements and believe that it is a business model that ultimately benefits us all. It is because of ads that we can cover the expenses that come with creating the type of content we publish on The Mediterranean Insider.

Sponsored posts. Another essential component in our business model is sponsored posts. These are carefully selected partnerships with brands and services we genuinely admire and believe could add value to your experience. It’s crucial to emphasise that we maintain full editorial control and only engage in collaborations that align with our values and the interests of our readers. Any sponsored content is clearly marked as such, ensuring transparency. The revenue from these sponsored posts helps us to keep exploring, writing and sharing the best of the Mediterranean with you, making The Mediterranean Insider a vibrant and reliable source of Mediterranean travel inspiration.

Want to collaborate with us?

Are you part of a regional tourist board, a forward-thinking hotelier, an innovative restaurateur or a game-changer within the Mediterranean hospitality industry?

We know you have a unique story that deserves to be shared on a global scale. That’s where we, at The Mediterranean Insider, come in. We’re in the business of bringing the best of the Mediterranean to a global audience, and your projects are the heart of that mission.

By teaming up, we can help spotlight the exceptional experiences you provide, drawing in an engaged and passionate audience who appreciate all that the Mediterranean region has to offer. Our platform serves as a catalyst, amplifying your unique offerings and transforming the way the world perceives and experiences the Mediterranean.

So, are you ready to elevate your visibility, attract discerning travellers and become part of a narrative that celebrates the extraordinary richness of the Mediterranean region? Reach out to us at and let’s discuss how our collaboration can make this possible. We’re just an email away, and we can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey with you.

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