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Veneto – region of vineyards and Venetian tales

Veneto, stretching across Italy’s northeast, is a tapestry of contrasts and marvels. While Venice with its labyrinthine canals steals the limelight, cities like Verona narrate tales of love and tragedy through its ancient amphitheatres. Did you know the world’s oldest continually operating university is in Padua? Or that Valpolicella wines owe their robust flavours to Veneto’s fertile plains? Beyond urban charm, the Dolomites stand as nature’s masterpiece, challenging climbers and rewarding them with unparalleled vistas. In the plains, historic villas echo the opulence of bygone eras. From shimmering lakes to architectural wonders, Veneto embodies Italy’s diverse legacy, ensuring every visitor departs with memories as varied as the region’s landscapes.

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